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Reviewing a new book Redemption Road by John Hart

I hardly ever give the books I read a five star rating, however, Redemption Road by John Hart definitely deserves one as far as I am concerned. Hart has a way of creating strong characters that could be the main character in their own book. I have read all of Hart's books except for one and he never fails to deliver a great story. The main character in Redemption Road, Elizabeth, is a strong female character. She is a cop and has to make some difficult decisions along the way not unlike many of us, she has doubts about herself but makes the challenging decisions the best she can. Redemption Road was a very tense story and I felt on the edge of my seat most of the time. I was driven crazy with the need to know what was going to happen and then he would switch to another character! There were a few plots working at the same time, very edgy book in a good way.
If you love a good mystery and a story that keeps you interested until the very end, then do yourself a favor and read Redempt…